2015 High School Senior Jessen…Johnston Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Photographer Iowa


This is 2015 Waukee high school senior Jessen who great to work with. He wasted to represent his high school wrestling career but keep it simple..so we came up with some creative ideas that I think was exactly what he was thinking. Good luck in the future Jessen!

Jessen_1_of_14_ Jessen_2_of_14_ Jessen_6_of_14_ Jessen_3_of_14_ Jessen_9_of_14_ Jessen_8_of_14_ Jessen_5_of_14_ Jessen_13_of_14_ Jessen_11_of_14_ Jessen_7_of_14_ Jessen_4_of_14_

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