2016 Ankeny High School Senior Courtney….Johnston Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Iowa Photographer


This is the gorgeous 2016 Ankeny High School senior Courtney who was amazing to work with. We did have to reschedule twice but the third time was a charm…Iowa thunderstorms are so unpredictable. They also wanted to get some sister pictures, so they paid a bit extra so I could capture not only being sisters but also their friendship.  Thank you Courtney for being so great about the heat and crazy unpredictable weather. In the end we ended up with so many amazing images. Good luck with your senior year!

Courtney_8_of_38_ Courtney_37_of_38_ Courtney_6_of_38_ Courtney_2_of_38_ Courtney_21_of_38_ Courtney_32_of_38_ Courtney_7_of_38_ Courtney_9_of_38_ Courtney_1_of_38_ Courtney_24_of_38_ Courtney_14_of_38_Courtney_3_of_38_Courtney_19_of_38_Courtney_33_of_38_Courtney_20_of_38_Courtney_18_of_38_Courtney_15_of_38_Courtney_28_of_38_

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