2017 Dallas Center Grimes School Senior Chase…Johnston Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Iowa Photographer


This is 2017 Dallas Center Grimes high school senior Chase who was such a joy to photograph! She is not only gorgeous and super stylish but also one heck of a softball player which I think were able to incorporate all of that. Thank you Chase doing such an amazing job, and good luck with your senior year.

Chase_1_of_37_ Chase_10_of_37_ Chase_23_of_37_ Chase_20_of_37_ Chase_13_of_37_ Chase_3_of_37_Chase_34_of_37_ Chase_28_of_37_ Chase_24_of_37_ Chase_32_of_37_ Chase_19_of_37_ Chase_14_of_37_ Chase_9_of_37_ Chase_30_of_37_ Chase_37_of_37_ Chase_7_of_37_

2017 Ankeny High School Senior Logan…Johnston Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Iowa Photographer


Let me introduce you to Logan who is a 2017 Ankeny high school senior. She wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous spring flowering trees so we did a mini shoot and her full session will be this summer. We picked the perfect night right when the trees were at there fullest. Thank you Logan for being such a gorgeous model, can not wait to photograph you again this summer!

Logan_2_of_13_ Logan_6_of_13_ Logan_1_of_13_ Logan_11_of_13_ Logan_4_of_13_ Logan_10_of_13_

2016 Ankeny High School Senior Kellan ….Johnston Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Iowa Photographer


This is Ankeny high school senior Kellan who is amazing musician who wanted to represent his love for drumming and playing his guitar so I came up with these images. Kellan was so great to work with he was up for all of my crazy ideas.  Good luck in the future!

Kellan_2_of_9_ Kellan_1_of_9_ Kellan_2_of_15_ Kellan_7_of_9_ Kellan_1_of_15_ Kellan_5_of_15_ Kellan_9_of_15_ Kellan_11_of_15_ Kellan_9_of_9_Kellan_7_of_15_ Kellan_6_of_9_ Kellan_13_of_15_ Kellan_5_of_9_

2016 High School Senior Shea ….Johnston Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Iowa Photographer


Let me introduce you to Shea, a 2016 Harlan High School graduate. She is a cheerleader, flute player, and in flag core..so I wanted to make sure I represented all of that for her in a different and unique way. Shea you were amazing to photograph!

Shea_1_of_11_ Shea_5_of_11_ Shea_1_of_15_ Shea_13_of_15_ Shea_12_of_15_ Shea_9_of_15_ Shea_14_of_15_ Shea_9_of_11_Shea_2_of_15_ Shea_4_of_11_ Shea_3_of_11_ Shea_11_of_11_ Shea_7_of_15_ Shea_8_of_15_

2016 High School Senior Sam ….Johnston Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Iowa Photographer


What a fun photo shoot this was for Sam’s senior pictures. She is an amazing singer, loves to play the piano, and is involved in show choir so we wanted to represent her greatest love! She found an old microphone so we could do some vintage urban style images along with doing some on the stage. We also located one of the old pianos that are located through out downtown Des Moines and let her have at it while I snapped away. Thank you Sam for being so willing to brainstorm with me to come up with these fun images! Good luck next year in college!

Sam_13_of_16_ Sam_4_of_12_ Sam_2_of_12_ Sam_15_of_16_ Sam_5_of_16_ Sam_10_of_16_Sam_9_of_12_ Sam_3_of_12_ Sam_8_of_16_Sam_3_of_16_ Sam_10_of_12_ Sam_16_of_16_ Sam_12_of_12_ Sam_2_of_16_ Sam_4_of_16_ Sam_7_of_16_

2016 High School Senior Holden….Johnston Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Iowa Photographer


This is the 2016 Iowa Christian Academy High School senior Holden who I had blast photographing. He wanted his grandma’s corvette in his senior pictures (yes his grandma’s..seriously must be one very cool grandma) so I came up with the idea of parking the car on top of a parking garage with the Des Moines skyline behind, and love how it turned out. He also wanted his collection of Nike basketball shoes in one of the shots, again I love his taste. Thank you Holden for such a great shoot and good luck in the future!

Holden_10_of_24_ Holden_24_of_24_ Holden_3_of_24_ Holden_14_of_24_ Holden_15_of_24_ Holden_23_of_24_ Holden_8_of_24_ Holden_21_of_24_ Holden_16_of_24_Holden_1_of_24_ Holden_11_of_24_ Holden_12_of_24_ Holden_22_of_24_ Holden_17_of_24_ Holden_4_of_24_

2016 Ankeny High School Senior Courtney….Johnston Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Iowa Photographer


This is the gorgeous 2016 Ankeny High School senior Courtney who was amazing to work with. We did have to reschedule twice but the third time was a charm…Iowa thunderstorms are so unpredictable. They also wanted to get some sister pictures, so they paid a bit extra so I could capture not only being sisters but also their friendship.  Thank you Courtney for being so great about the heat and crazy unpredictable weather. In the end we ended up with so many amazing images. Good luck with your senior year!

Courtney_8_of_38_ Courtney_37_of_38_ Courtney_6_of_38_ Courtney_2_of_38_ Courtney_21_of_38_ Courtney_32_of_38_ Courtney_7_of_38_ Courtney_9_of_38_ Courtney_1_of_38_ Courtney_24_of_38_ Courtney_14_of_38_Courtney_3_of_38_Courtney_19_of_38_Courtney_33_of_38_Courtney_20_of_38_Courtney_18_of_38_Courtney_15_of_38_Courtney_28_of_38_

2016 Ankeny High School Senior Kate….Johnston Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Iowa Photographer



This is 2016 Ankeny High School senior Kate, who may have had the hottest night of the summer for her senior session. The session started out with a heat index of 106 but you would never know by her pictures it was that hot out, she was amazing and  kept a positive addditude the whole time…now if you would of seen a picture of me after this session you would know it was hot out, dripping in sweat is not a good look for any photographer. Kate is going to Creighton University to play soccer after high school so we wanted to do something different representing that with a mix of urban and soccer. Thank you Kate for being so good about the heat. You have such an amazing future ahead of you! Kate_8_of_20_ Kate_12_of_20_ Kate_18_of_20_ Kate_4_of_20_ Kate_10_of_20_ Kate_15_of_20_ Kate_19_of_20_ Kate_16_of_20_ Kate_7_of_20_ Kate_13_of_20_ Kate_20_of_20_ Kate_17_of_20_ Kate_3_of_20_ Kate_5_of_20_ Kate_14_of_20_

2016 Johnston High School Senior Bailey….Johnston Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Iowa Photographer


This is Bailey who is going to be a 2016 Johnston High School senior. When I was setting up Bailey’s senior session I was chatting with her mom trying to find out a bit about what she wanted her session to be like, her mom mentioned that she works with kiddos with disabilities and that her best friend and neighbor Erin holds a special place in her heart. So I suggested to have Erin be part of the photo shoot, and I am so glad that she joined us because I love how the images of the two of them came out. Bailey you have a heart of gold, it takes a generous, caring, patient, sweet soul like yourself to have a passion to work with these kiddos. Thank you for not only being you but for giving so much of yourself. Enjoy your last year of high school, I know your future is bright and you will do amazing things.

Bailey_37_of_37_ Bailey_7_of_37_ Bailey_3_of_37_ Bailey_24_of_37_ Bailey_6_of_37_Bailey_4_of_37_ Bailey_25_of_37_ Bailey_34_of_37_Bailey_10_of_37_ Bailey_36_of_37_ Bailey_26_of_37_ Bailey_35_of_37_Bailey_19_of_37_ Bailey_18_of_37_ Bailey_17_of_37_Bailey_5_of_37_ Bailey_11_of_37_ Bailey_20_of_37_ Bailey_27_of_37_ Bailey_29_of_37_

2016 Ankeny High School Senior Jenny….Johnston Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Iowa Photographer



Here is my first 2016 high school senior session of the year and it was an amazing shoot! This is Jenny who will be a senior at Ankeny Centennial High School, this girl is an incredible dancer which is like candy for a photographer. I loved her grace, power, and strength that she showed in every image that I took of her. Thank you Jenny for going with all of my crazy ideas, I know your future is bright and I can not wait to see what is in store for you.

Jenny_Petsche_15_of_34_ Jenny_Petsche_23_of_34_ Jenny_Petsche_24_of_34_ Jenny_Petsche_32_of_34_ Jenny_Petsche_1_of_34_ Jenny_Petsche_2_of_34_ Jenny_Petsche_27_of_34_ Jenny_Petsche_21_of_34_Jenny_Petsche_9_of_34_ Jenny_Petsche_6_of_34_ Jenny_Petsche_25_of_34_ Jenny_Petsche_20_of_34_ Jenny_Petsche_4_of_34_Jenny_Petsche_26_of_34_ Jenny_Petsche_22_of_34_ Jenny_Petsche_14_of_34_ Jenny_Petsche_34_of_34_Jenny_Petsche_29_of_34_ Jenny_Petsche_8_of_34_ Jenny_Petsche_28_of_34_ Jenny_Petsche_13_of_34_ Jenny_Petsche_19_of_34_ Jenny_Petsche_18_of_34_