2015 High School Senior Trevor…Johnston Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Photographer Iowa



Let me introduce you to 2015 Waukee high school senior Trevor. This kid is not only extremely talented on the football field and track but also has such a great personality and beyond kind. He has such a bright future ahead of him, pretty sure these images on a football field will not be the last for him. Thanks Trevor for being such a great sport and enduring the hours of pictures…oh and knowing that your mom and I are quite the comedy team together. Good luck Trevor with your senior year!

Trevor_4_of_24_Trevor_1_of_24_Trevor_3_of_24_Trevor_2_of_24_Trevor_6_of_24_Trevor_5_of_24_Trevor_9_of_24_Trevor_12_of_24_Trevor_20_of_24_Trevor_19_of_24_Trevor_14_of_24_Trevor_22_of_24_Trevor_21_of_24_ Trevor_7_of_24_ Trevor_10_of_24_ Trevor_11_of_24_ Trevor_18_of_24_ Trevor_24_of_24_ Trevor_23_of_24_ Trevor_17_of_24_

2015 High School Senior Sadie….Johnston Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Photographer Iowa



2015 high school senior Sadie. who was beyond patient with all of the mishaps with her session and just went with the flow and gave me some gorgeous images. Thank you Sadie and good luck with your senior year.

Sadie_9_of_19_ Sadie_7_of_19_ Sadie_4_of_19_ Sadie_18_of_19_ Sadie_12_of_19_ Sadie_14_of_19_ Sadie_13_of_19_ Sadie_8_of_19_ Sadie_10_of_19_ Sadie_11_of_19_ Sadie_19_of_19_ Sadie_1_of_19_ Sadie_2_of_19_ Sadie_5_of_19_ Sadie_6_of_19_ Sadie_17_of_19_

2015 High School Senior Koy…Johnston Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Photographer Iowa



Here is 2015 high school senior Koy, who is talented in so many sports but also a great kid to work with. I wanted to represent both his love for football and track and show just a bit of his talent. Thank you Koy for being such a great sport with all of my crazy ideas. Good luck with your senior year.

Koy_Blog_7_of_15_ Koy_Blog_8_of_15_ Koy_Blog_1_of_15_ Koy_Blog_3_of_5_ Koy_Blog_2_of_15_ Koy_Blog_5_of_15_ Koy_Blog_1_of_5_ Koy_Blog_4_of_15_ Koy_Blog_12_of_15_ Koy_Blog_4_of_5_ Koy_Blog_10_of_15_ Koy_Blog_11_of_15_ Koy_Blog_2_of_5_ Koy_Blog_6_of_15_ Koy_Blog_13_of_15_ Koy_Blog_5_of_5_ Koy_Blog_15_of_15_