2016 Ankeny High School Senior Kellan ….Johnston Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Iowa Photographer


This is Ankeny high school senior Kellan who is amazing musician who wanted to represent his love for drumming and playing his guitar so I came up with these images. Kellan was so great to work with he was up for all of my crazy ideas.  Good luck in the future!

Kellan_2_of_9_ Kellan_1_of_9_ Kellan_2_of_15_ Kellan_7_of_9_ Kellan_1_of_15_ Kellan_5_of_15_ Kellan_9_of_15_ Kellan_11_of_15_ Kellan_9_of_9_Kellan_7_of_15_ Kellan_6_of_9_ Kellan_13_of_15_ Kellan_5_of_9_

2016 High School Senior Shea ….Johnston Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Iowa Photographer


Let me introduce you to Shea, a 2016 Harlan High School graduate. She is a cheerleader, flute player, and in flag core..so I wanted to make sure I represented all of that for her in a different and unique way. Shea you were amazing to photograph!

Shea_1_of_11_ Shea_5_of_11_ Shea_1_of_15_ Shea_13_of_15_ Shea_12_of_15_ Shea_9_of_15_ Shea_14_of_15_ Shea_9_of_11_Shea_2_of_15_ Shea_4_of_11_ Shea_3_of_11_ Shea_11_of_11_ Shea_7_of_15_ Shea_8_of_15_

2016 High School Senior Sam ….Johnston Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Iowa Photographer


What a fun photo shoot this was for Sam’s senior pictures. She is an amazing singer, loves to play the piano, and is involved in show choir so we wanted to represent her greatest love! She found an old microphone so we could do some vintage urban style images along with doing some on the stage. We also located one of the old pianos that are located through out downtown Des Moines and let her have at it while I snapped away. Thank you Sam for being so willing to brainstorm with me to come up with these fun images! Good luck next year in college!

Sam_13_of_16_ Sam_4_of_12_ Sam_2_of_12_ Sam_15_of_16_ Sam_5_of_16_ Sam_10_of_16_Sam_9_of_12_ Sam_3_of_12_ Sam_8_of_16_Sam_3_of_16_ Sam_10_of_12_ Sam_16_of_16_ Sam_12_of_12_ Sam_2_of_16_ Sam_4_of_16_ Sam_7_of_16_