2016 Ankeny High School Senior Hannah ….Johnston Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Iowa Photographer



This is Hannah who is an Ankeny high school 2016 senior, who was a gem to work with. She was so easy going and up for all of my crazy ideas…such as making her change into her basketball uniform in a dirty alley because I found the perfect spot and we were quite aways from the cars and any place to change…she was a trooper and did not blink an eye. I loved working with her and her family, was lucky to photograph her family this fall for family picture too. Thank you Hannah for being such a great sport, and good luck in the future!

Hannah_6_of_31_ Hannah_8_of_31_ Hannah_26_of_31_ Hannah_23_of_31_ Hannah_27_of_31_ Hannah_14_of_31_ Hannah_30_of_31_ Hannah_16_of_31_Hannah_19_of_31_ Hannah_1_of_31_ Hannah_20_of_31_ Hannah_5_of_31_ Hannah_13_of_31_ Hannah_7_of_31_

2016 Perry High School Senior Ellie ….Johnston Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Iowa Photographer


This is Ellie who is not only gorgeous and so sweet, but also extremely photogenic. Ellie is a 2016 high school senior from Perry. We hit lots of locations and she won the prize for the most images I have taken so far during a high school senior session..lets just say I filled up a 32 gb  photo card (and then 1/2 of the next card) in three hours..that is a heck of a lot of images. Thank you Ellie for being a blast to photograph, good luck next year at University of Iowa! You have such a bright future!

Elie_23_of_28_ Elie_18_of_28_ Elie_2_of_28_ Elie_16_of_28_ Elie_28_of_28_ Elie_5_of_28_

Elie_15_of_28_ Elie_8_of_28_ Elie_14_of_28_ Elie_6_of_28_ Elie_10_of_28_Elie_20_of_28_ Elie_3_of_28_ Elie_11_of_28_ Elie_17_of_28_ Elie_12_of_28_ Elie_22_of_28_ Elie_9_of_28_

2016 High School Senior Holden….Johnston Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Iowa Photographer


This is the 2016 Iowa Christian Academy High School senior Holden who I had blast photographing. He wanted his grandma’s corvette in his senior pictures (yes his grandma’s..seriously must be one very cool grandma) so I came up with the idea of parking the car on top of a parking garage with the Des Moines skyline behind, and love how it turned out. He also wanted his collection of Nike basketball shoes in one of the shots, again I love his taste. Thank you Holden for such a great shoot and good luck in the future!

Holden_10_of_24_ Holden_24_of_24_ Holden_3_of_24_ Holden_14_of_24_ Holden_15_of_24_ Holden_23_of_24_ Holden_8_of_24_ Holden_21_of_24_ Holden_16_of_24_Holden_1_of_24_ Holden_11_of_24_ Holden_12_of_24_ Holden_22_of_24_ Holden_17_of_24_ Holden_4_of_24_